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Luxury Skincare Line SkinFive.5 Expand in American Market

by liyo89

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Due to SkinFive.5’s ease of application and stunning results, women across the country are raving over each of SkinFive.5’s three serums and demand is far outpacing supply.

Luxury Best skincare system SkinFive.5 launched in the US this fall to much anticipation and success. SkinFive.5 skincare serums are enjoying glowing reviews from beauty editors and bloggers around the country, including Shecky’s and Urban Umbrella, and have been featured on Yahoo! and SF Gate. 

Healthy skin is no longer a given- it’s a luxury. With the stresses of daily life, coupled with environmental toxins, pollutants and stale office air, it’s difficult to maintain healthy skin without a huge time and money investment. Through intensive research, development and a touch of women’s intuition, SkinFive.5 has developed three skincare serums that smooth, moisturize, brighten and protect skin. Each serum provide healthy, youthful, Clear complexion and are hugely popular for women 25-60 and can be part of any Serum skincare, no matter how simple. 

“Our brand is so popular not only because of the quality of the Skincare products, but the need to be easily integrated into any beauty regimen,” says founder Angeline Say. “All women want to look and feel great, but some just don’t have the time to apply most of the creams and elixirs out there.”

Now women have the ability to take care of themselves and still have time for all the other commitments in their lives- while looking great.

SkinFive.5 is available online and in select stores around the US. The premier skincare line for women is quickly expanding its base of purveyors in North America, including Canada, to make skincare more accessible for women everywhere.

To learn more about SkinFive.5, or to learn more about representing SkinFive.5 as an exclusive distributor, please visit

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