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Cordyceps Mushrooms and a Long Tradition of Wellness Promo

by mackshepperson

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Imagine your pizza or pasta without mushrooms. It may still taste good, but definitely, it would be more delicious with mushrooms—lots of mushrooms! You can even have a dish consisting mainly of mushrooms dipped in some sauce. But then again perhaps, it’s just for people who love mushrooms.

Mushrooms are technically not part of the plant kingdom, although they may appear to be. They don’t have chlorophyll, the material plants use to make food, to classify them as such. They are actually the flowering or reproductive stage of certain fungi. There are around 3,000 known species of mushrooms around the world, some of which are edible, others poisonous, and others not even large enough to elicit any culinary interest.

While mushrooms have long been an important part of the world’s culinary heritage, many species have also played a major role in herbal medicine of some cultures for centuries. Among these are the fabled Cordyceps mushrooms. These are small, dark, blade-shaped fungi found in the highland areas around China and Nepal where it is highly regarded as food and a tonic herb. These fungi provide many medicinal uses which have benefited people for centuries.

Investigating these age-old health practices, contemporary researchers have conducted up to 2,000 studies on medicinal mushrooms over the past ten years. Many patients in various parts of the world have used Cordyceps to promote better health.

Cordyceps mushroom extracts have also been used by people who wanted to increase their stamina by increasing their oxygen intake. While there is evidence of these practices in ancient China, these edible mushrooms have been used by people in more contemporary settings. The 1993 Chinese national running team that defeated all competition by a big margin and set a new world record in the process attributes their prowess to adding this mushroom extract to their diet.

Cordyceps mushroom has also been used by people aiming to protect themselves from various illnesses. Medicinal mushrooms have been found to support a healthy immune system, thereby helping people sustain good health.

Cordyceps supplement have also been used for centuries by people attempting to slow down the ravages of aging. Elderly people in China have included these mushrooms in their diet, hoping to improve their endurance and reduce fatigue. Older people experiencing muscle soreness have also used these mushrooms in an attempt to alleviate their discomfort. The many perceived benefits of Cordyceps have made it among the most popular fungi in the world.

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