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Innovative USMLE Review Program Helps you PASS the USMLE

by UsmLeko

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Have you ever struggled with passing the USMLE exams? Have you taken a review course for the USMLE and failed? Well, there is a very effective USMLE course in Atlanta that is made for people like you. The USMLE K.O. Review course is a program that teaches 3 or 4 people at a time and guides them with excellent teaching and material until they get excellent scores.

It has been the best USMLE prepcourse so far, with many of the students going on to score 90th percentile or above on the USMLE Step 1 exam. Go and read some testimonials at and talk to some of the former students before you sign up. And the notes they offer is what makes the course the best review prep for USMLE Step 1. The material is so relevant. You go to the exam and you see all of it.

Students frequently ask whether they take a USMLE prep course or get a private tutor. I strongly believe that private tutoring services or tailor-made programs for very small groups have a distinct advantage over your typical prep course.

I recommend the private tutor/small USMLE prep course like the USMLE K.O. Program ( The people at provide a tailored approach for 5 students at a time, instead of having a one-site-fit-all method for 100 people in a class. There are several reasons for why I recommend this. While most prep or review courses and teachers will help to a degree, there is only so much you can expect from a one size fits all approach. Since each person is unique, a tailored approach combining the individual attention of a private tutor with self-study will get you much better results.

Furthermore, they teach you all the difficult concepts like Neuroanatomy and Pharmacology that the other programs do not teach you. They know the most recent trends on the USMLE so they offer you all of that and when you get to the exam you know you made the right decision. A USMLE prep course should not be overwhelming in material. The other review courses give vast amount of information. Some people spend 6 months or more in a USMLE review course studying large amounts of material only to end up getting lost in this "sea of information and end up being confused about their exam. They develop a great deal of remorse and agitation after spending a large sum of money to acquire such vast amount of information only to fail the exam repeatedly.

All those who are frustrated with such overwhelming material can benefit greatly from the USMKE K.O. prep program, where review and elaboration of concise notes at live lectures offers a very effective method for achieving high scores on the USMLE.


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