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T shirts and their Implication to the Society

by maemullen

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In the beginning, t shirts started out as an undergarment to be worn under the other clothing. Before it even became the half torso covering it is today, the cloth was part of a full body undergarment that was split into half due to heat and due to the luck of comfort. When this happened, the tee came forth from the upper part of the garment. Just as the name suggests, the t shirt is named after its design and look.

Mostly made of cotton or wool, the t shirt are known for their signature design which lacks buttons and has to be slipped on for one to wear it. They are also synonymous for their short sleeve nature but one can also find long sleeve tees. They mostly have no collars but there are those that are being created with one- the likes of the polo tees.

T shirts have become a very important part of our daily clothing and fashion. Before they were only worn on the inside, but nowadays they are being worn as a single garment to cover the upper torso. The great thing about the tee is that it is a unisex cloth and can be worn by men, children and ladies alike. However, with the increase in design innovations, tees are now being found for specific sexes according to body structure.

T shirts have become a very important part of our lives especially since they are being used for more than just covering our bodies. The clothing has been used over the years as an advertising and self expression medium. This is essentially because tees have large front and back blank surface areas that are perfect to print on and relay any form of message.  The t shirt has become a major fashion sense to reckon with because of some of these factors.  Consider:


T shirt has been used for advertising over the years by so many companies, politicians, individuals and so many. It can be considered the tee is a societal information tool that works wonders for anyone looking to get the attention of people.

Personal expression

As the times roll by, the power of self expression and the stringent laws available enable many to freely express their thoughts, emotions and ideas. T shirts have become the perfect channel for people to express all these but in a fashionable way. From personalities, to individuals, people are taking to the t shirt to express themselves.

Simple and cost effective fashion trend

T shirts are some of the cheapest, yet outstanding and stylish clothing options. Following their simple design and the fact that there is not much that is needed to be done, acquiring a t shirt is quite inexpensive, plus this is one timeless fashion option.  

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