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Learn the Art of China Kung Fu at the Shaolin Temple Kung Fu

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The opportunity of a lifetime awaits anyone who is devoted to the Chinese martial arts. In China kung fu can be learned at the Shaolin Temple Kung Fu School. This is the authoritative source when it comes to kung fu. While there may be other schools which provide quality instruction, this school has the International Liason Department of the Shaolin Temple to back it up. Students from around the globe are welcome to study in the heart of China, learning the martial arts in an authentic kung fu school.


In addition to China shaolin kung fu, a variety of martial arts instruction is available. Students can also learn Sanda, Wing Chun, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Ba Duan Jin, and more. Instruction is provided by Shaolin monks who come from a long line of monks belonging to the Shaolin Temple. Students will find themselves immersed in the culture of China while they engage in their kung fu training. The Shaolin Temple Kung Fu School provides learners with an incredible experience that cannot be surpassed anywhere else. For those who want to go to the source of China kung fu, this is the best place to begin.


Students have several options when they consider Kung Fu at the Shaolin kung fu school. There is a short term training program that runs from one week to as long as three months. The medium term training program ranges from four months to a year. Students are devoted to long term study could be at the school for as long as two years. Instruction in Mandarin is another component of training, providing learners with a grasp of the language.


Comfortable accommodations are provided with connection available to the Internet in the rooms. A competent cook is on staff to provide students with three, healthy meals each day. Instructors speak basic English and translators are available as well. Translators can provide assistance if students want to see their surroundings and wish to have a means of communication. Vacations are also offered, providing students with time to rest and recharge. Weekends belong to the students as well. They have the freedom to do as they wish until their full schedule resumes on a Monday. Students will find themselves involved in intense study. They have the potential to become adept in many kung fu skills, depending on their own dedication and effort.


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