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Types of Electronic Cigarette Cartomisers

by maemullen

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Also calledatomised cartridge, Electronic Cigarette Cartomisers are two components constructed as one to fulfill both cartridge and atomiser. These considered from the perspective of selection cut down the number of three traditional components to only two i.e. a cartomiser and battery, cleaner an simpler, can easily be afforded and are quite large in capacity. With this model the cartridge is no longer needed to contain the e-liquid rather it is contained in the cartomiser.

There are Electronic Cigarette Cartomisers that operate at quite a high voltage and is preferred by the users; the gravitation is highly increasing. Traditional atomisers have been a cause of concern because of an early drying and leaking liquid all over the cigarette body.

Polyfill Cartomisers

The most common amongst Electronic Cigarette Cartomisers are polyfill design that is the earliest of all and is most widely used. Those selling prefilled catromisers always used this design to sell their cigarettes. Layers of gause are wrapped around a centralised tube with a vertical heating coil and wick. It is durable and easy to use on high voltages.

Top Coil Cartomisers

People prefer their clearer versions for the visibility of liquid though opaque ones are also available. Near the top of its unit resides the horisontal heating coil having two wicks. Rubber drip trips work with catromisers instead of metal ones and hard plastic that have the propensity to crack easily. These wick feeding catrmoisers work towards producing quite a hot vapor.

Bottom Coil Cartomisers

In this design, heating coil is placed at the bottom, heating coil in such designs is usually is isolated in a chamber. Reliable feeding stays on till the time wick is moist enough with the liquid in cartomiser. Clogging occurs which causes the vapor production to decrease at times. Higher voltages cause quick burning leading to a bitter taste.

Dual Coil Cartomisers

Two coils heat up the liquid simultaneously when battery is activated. It works extremely efficiently with a large battery capable enough to charge both coils.

Tanks Cartomisers

This type of cartomiser has been designed to enhance the liquid filling capacity. Hole punched in the cartomiser allows liquid to keep the coil moist enough. People are strongly in favor of these cartomisers to fulfill their nicotine carvings.

Several variations of a type of Electronic Cigarette Cartomisers may exist but the best option is to go for the one after carefully assessing the ease of use at the smoker’s end.

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