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The Correct Method of Rotary Kiln Maintenance

by anonymous

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 1. Start and stop of cement rotary kiln is the key, warming D30 degrees centigrade per hour, heat should be controlled more than 300 ℃. Due to the thermal expansion coefficient of basic bricks for cement rotary kiln, the expansion rate is about 1000 ° c 1-1.2%, in the process of drying kilns and rising temperature, particularly in the brick surface temperature of 300 and 1000 ° c range, heating rate must be less than 60 ° c/h. It is theoretically very clearly, there is a certain degree of difficulty in implementation.
2. Equipment is the base to avoid cement rotary kiln Park open dramatically during heating and chilling on the damage of basic bricks, apart from the need to apply the burning installation, and, more importantly, is to seriously implement the system of ignition to warm and cool the kiln. The long-term safe operation of Cement rotary kiln equipment is the basis of strict implementation of the ignition system and stop cold kilns, if after each ignition, cement rotary kiln can keep running more than a month or even a few months of time, then then costs and time that are used for ignition of cement rotary kiln in warming will become insignificant. But if the cement rotary kiln equipment status is bad, several or even a dozen times of kiln stop happens per month, there can be no strict enforcement of the fire warming and stopping cold kiln system, because frequent stops kilns need to spend about two hours at a time to baking kiln, in terms of time, we can't afford the costs.
     Flash heating and rapid cooling will inevitably lead to the damage of cement rotary kilns. However, the rotary kilns with frequent accidents produce the basic bricks with short life, it is clear that on the issue of basic bricks, and devices are also in basic position.

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