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Forms of online advertising

by wheresbigfoot

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Advertising is best form of acknowledging customers about the products and sales of your business. It is the appropriate medium for the promotion of company’s products and services and to raise high on sales and profits. It is also a major source for creating a brand identity for your offerings and the best tool to create niche among your customers. Also the advertisers find it as the best communication medium to update their customers about the latest changes and offerings in their business.



Traditionally advertising was limited to newspapers, televisions and radios with only textual and voice ads were portrayed on the medium. But with latest advancements in the technologies and rise of IT industry everything now is moving to World Wide Web. From shopping to selling, education to entertainment, communicating to broadcasting people are using internet as the best platform. Advertising Pay per Click is also one medium of earning for the web owners today.


Advertising has become an essential feature of the corporate world and hence companies allot a considerable amount of time and resources towards the advertising campaigns and budget. Every business wants to rise high and reap more profits in least amount of time and for doing so advertising proves to be the best solution. By this one can encourage the customers to buy their products by interacting with them through slogans and lines that attracts the customer’s interest. Advertising today focuses on various mass media channels like newspaper, magazines, television commercials, radio channels, email, blogs, websites (also Advertising Pay per Click) and the latest social media.


Advertising has the following impact on the business front:

  • It increases sales of the product/service offered by the business.
  • It effectively launches new products and sales into the market.
  • Creates a brand identity for the products/services.
  • Attracts the consumer eye with interest.
  • Get you loyal customers.


However advertising comes in many different forms and each campaign is priced differently. Today businesses are not moving aback in investing both resources and money for the advertising campaigns. Some of the forms of online advertising are like:


Text ad:

Advertisements represented in a simple text based format with hyperlinks are known as Text Ads.


Display ad:

Graphical advertisements published on websites are known as Display Ads. Display ads are available in many different shapes and sizes depending on the budget of the sponsor. These are presented in various forms like banners, leader boards, skyscrapers, and other graphical representations.


Pop-Up ad:

Advertisements that appear in a new window when the user is browsing a website are known as Pop-Up Ads. All the Hover ads, floating ads and slide in ads are also pop-up ads.


Video ad:

With rise in the popularity of video watching online, video ads have become a source for distributing rich advertising content today. The video ads also showcase short demos and instructions about the product/services they are offering in them. Major search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo, and AOL offer video advertising.



Email ad:

Ads that are distributed by a publisher through emails are known as email ads. Advertisers can sponsor an email newsletter or they can purchase classified ad space to publish their ads.


Pay per Click ad:

Pay per click advertising is a highly effective form of online advertising that brings up earnings when a visitor clicks on the advertisement. Pay per click ad is the best way to get visitors when you need traffic urgently.

However, proper management is very important for all advertising campaigns as your investments can be wasted without getting you any profit. Getting the best professional advertisers to do your work can help!

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