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Plumbers in Vancouver Fixing a Clean Part of Your Home

by darryliorio

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Did you know that the toilet seat is among the cleanest components of the entire house? Different examinations have verified that other components of your house like your bed or desk harbor more micro-organisms than your ordinary toilet seat. It doesn't matter if it was made by Falcon or Saniflo; the toilet the expert plumbers in Vancouver fix frequently comes out clean.

The guys over at MythBusters are no strangers to toilet-related misconceptions, as they checked one such myth in 2005 and another in 2009. In an episode from the 2005 season, they took germs samples from a toilet seat and contrasted it to samples taken while checking the "five-second rule" misconception. In an episode throughout the 2009 period, they compared the bacterial content of the toilet seat to everyday objects. Here is what they discovered.

Very first test: verified
While doing this test, they also dealt with an additional misconception on whether or not the proverbial "five-second guideline" is relevant to food dropped on the flooring. After a contrast of the nests from the toilet seat and the samples from the five-second rule examinations, the former came out clean—literally. The seat still nurtured some bacteria, but most definitely less than what was taken from the food left on the floor for a few seconds.

2nd test: confirmed
The 2nd examination was a more considerable research where other items such as a sponge and television push-button control were featured. In terms of nest count, the toilet seat had the least among 8 tested products. For effectiveness of the germs, the toilet seat ranked at 5th. When they gathered a larger sample size, the toilet seat was still close to rock bottom.

Yet here you are making use of the toilet practically every day. So why does the toilet seat come out as one of the cleanest common family items? Responses to this concern are just about non-existent, but it's frequently believed to have something to do with the flushing. However, you shouldn't leave your toilet stopped up for a long time, or it would surely be the dirtiest location in the house. Certified plumbers in Vancouver do a good job repairing blockages and additional toilet problems.

For more details about the MythBusters examinations on toilet seats, check out Of course, these findings don't imply that you can now leave the restroom without cleaning your hands.

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