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Basic Details on the Roof Valley

by eugenehead

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If you possess a complicated hip roof covering─ in which two roof covering surfaces are connected─ you must keep an eye on the joints, especially the valley. If left inadequately preserved it could possibly allow rainfall to leak in, not to mention pose a threat to the whole structure. Take the needed steps in safeguarding this essential roof covering joint to save yourself the trouble of pricey repair works.

The valley is the joint wherein 2 roof covering surfaces meet, developing a depression much like the letter V. There are lots of methods roofing specialists could position shingles atop the valley, which is generally hinged on the nature and structure of the roofing system. Contact your roofer should you like to know the best means to shingle the valley on your roof covering. Still, it pays to recognize the varying methods of shingling roof covering valleys.

Open valley

In an open valley, the shingles overlap on a flashing substance that enables water to run through the valley without leaking into the roof. Nevertheless, owing to its status as a water way, it must be noted that the width of the open valley must be equal to or greater than 4 inches near the apex. Additionally, the open valley should get wider the nearer it gets to the eve or border of the roof covering.

Smaller open valleys run the threat of splashing water into the shingles near the flashing, which could trigger leaks. Also, open valleys nowadays have a layer of Ice and Water Shield for enhanced ice and water protection. This should hold true for roofers in Arlington, because the area experiences rain fall regularly.

Closed valley

In a closed valley, there's no visible flashing; instead, the shingles are weaved between roof covering planes. Despite being more complex than the open valley, Alexandria roofing systems with closed valleys are more unyielding to dominant weather conditions. Roofing contractors typically work their way in or out of the valley dependent on the kind of shingles to be put on. Three-tab shingles typically compel them to operate into the valley; while exfoliated shingles ask for the opposite way.

For more info about additional methods of shingling roof valleys, you can check out the web site of the National Association of Realtors at You can additionally go to or a Maryland roofing contractor.

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