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What You Should Know About SEO White Label Reseller Programs

by darryltay

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To direct more online users to their site for prospective sales, businesses of all sizes can effectively benefit from SEO or search engine optimization solutions. Search engine optimization takes advantage of search engine keywords or "search items", among other things, to direct Internet traffic to a site by placing targeted keywords into the site's content. Search engine optimization is just one of the most popular and effective types of Web marketing at present.

Given this, there are a number of people who wish to earn extra income by offering SEO services. Thankfully, there are businesses that provide for people who want to increase profits without doing much of the work. How is this possible? By being part of white label SEO reseller programs.

The following are the advantages of such an arrangement for a firm providing SEO solutions. First, because the SEO reseller provider can be thought about as the back-end, the SEO company is the front-end—this reduces workload on the latter. Second, given that reseller providers are not open to public they do not directly contend with their clients: the SEO resellers. Even though an end-user (the client of an SEO reseller) wishes to, they cannot hire the SEO reseller provider since the latter exclusively caters to SEO resellers.

White label SEO reseller providers have package deals that permit their clients (SEO resellers) to offer their end-clients optimization services. There are reseller packages to suit various demands. As an example, some reseller packages are for SEO companies that help their clients rank for highly competitive keywords, while other packages satisfy the demands of the E-commerce field. Some SEO reseller providers even supply customized package deals.

What are the duties of the reseller? As touched on earlier, they are thought about to be the front-end. This indicates they liaise with their customers, and they are responsible for offering client support. This may include replying to general inquiries and discussing SEO reports. Resellers are also responsible for getting and billing clients. Lastly, they need to make sure that their clients don't sabotage the reseller provider's efforts by making modifications to their web site that they aren't supposed to make.

Fortunately, white label SEO reseller companies are making things simpler for businesses that provide SEO services to expand their portfolio and raise revenue, without doing much of the work. For the latest on SEO news, go to


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