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Aviod Breast Cancer

by brianaevigan

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You must have heard about breast cancer and must be keen to know more about it. Remember half knowledge is always dangerous. So let us know more about causes, symptoms, treatment and precautions of breast cancer and fight against it.

Breast cancer is common between the women above the age of 55 years. So you need to know it now the precautions to be taken from this point before it gets too late. Precaution is better than cure. But before that you need know each and every minute thing about Breast cancer.(

  • Causes of breast cancer: Breast cancer can be caused due to following reason:
  1. Genetic reason could be one of the cause i.e. it can come from ancestors who had breast cancer.

  2. Consuming alcohol regularly or drinking in high quantity is also another cause.

  3. Constant exposure to radiation therapy at younger age can cause breast cancer.

  4. Having child at the age above 30 years increase the risk of breast cancer, whereas having child at younger age can reduce the risk.

  5. Having menstrual cycle at early age i.e. before 11 years or menopause at late age that is above 55 years can increase the risk of this disease.

  6. Treatment taken to increase the estrogen level can later cause breast cancer.

  • Symptoms: Fluid coming out of the nipple (it may be blood, yellow or green fluid or look alike puss), change in shape or size(uneven), it does not hurt, lump found in some areas, swelling of one arms or weight loss are few symptoms seen.

  • Treatment:

  1. Nolvadex is a reputed and a good medicine which treats breast cancer. It hormonally treats women suffering from breast cancer.

  2. Nolvadex is an anti-estrogen which blocks the production of estrogen (which promotes female sex hormones).

  3. Cancer is nothing but uncontrolled division of abnormal cells. Tamoxifen is an approved medicine which reduces estrogen which treats breast cancer.

  • Precaution:  (


Precaution to be taken before the diseases:

    • No alcohol.
    • No drug addiction.
    • Daily exercise at least daily walking.
    • Keep yourself clean.
    • Wear unwired and proper size of bra.
    • Have maximum of milk product


    1. Precaution to be taken while using Nolvadex:
    • Before using any medicine consult your doctor. Doses should be as prescribed by doctor. If you miss any doses do take it when you realize it, but if it close to the next dose then skip that dose. As there should be gap between two doses.
    • If there is any feeling of dizziness immediately contact doctor. He might change the interval between the doses.
    • Avoid alcohol and other habits while this medication.
    • This medicine should be avoided during pregnancy or planning of a child. During this situation do inform your doctor.
    • Be careful especially when you have body pain, skin pealing, chest pain or breathing problem.
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