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The Essential Eyelash Extensions Supplies

by renaehills

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Anybody who uses eyelash extensions regularly has to have complete eyelash extensions supplies, which come in eyelash kits. Eyelash kits have all the accessories needed for putting on and removing eyelash extensions. Here are some of the things that must come with the eyelash kit:

False Eyelashes & Eyelash Trays

Typically, the eyelash kit will have the false eyelashes and the eyelash trays to place the eyelashes on. The eyelash trays can hold as much as ten pairs of false eyelashes. To make sure that the eyelashes remain clean and fresh when you apply them, the trays are tightly sealed .


The eyelash kits also include glue for putting on the eyelash extensions. Lots of eyelash extension wearers favor "ultra bond" adhesives that keep the eyelashes from coming off despite exactly how humid the air becomes, or exactly how sweaty the user may be. Certain users prefer "sensitive" adhesives that harden once they come into contact with the eyelashes; this stops the adhesive from sticking onto other parts of the face or the eyelid.


Eyelash kits must contain at least one tweezer to remove and put on the eyelashes. Eyelash extension tweezers have various shapes to make applying the eyelash extensions less complicated without touching the user's real eyelashes. The tweezers can be shaped differently depending on the natural curl of the individual's eyelashes. A few tweezers are straight with very pointed ends, while others are bent at the end.

Gel Removers

However, for some users, adhesives do not adhere instantly to the eyelashes; they have to utilize blowers to help the adhesive dry more quickly. Having said that, there are also gel removers that wearers can put on their eyelids to get rid of excess adhesives. This gel remover breaks the adhesive apart, so that it can come off and make the eyelashes look neater around the eyes.

Mascara & Mascara Wands

Eyelash extensions supplies consist of mascara and mascara wands to get the eyelash extensions appear more like part of the wearer's real eyelashes. Due to the fact that a lot of eyelash extensions are black, mascara is usually black too—unless the user's eyelashes are already black and the user would like the extensions to seem more natural. Because of the durability of most eyelash extensions, the mascara wands may require replacing because the bristles can get coarse gradually. For additional details, browse through:

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