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Android Establishes the Era of Smartphone

by yerchaisseldtia

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Now, Android has become a very well known term in human’s daily life. It is a mobile operating system typically designed for touch screen devices like tablet computers, smart phones etc. Initially it was created by Android Inc. Now android is the highest selling operating system for mobiles. It’s a Linux based operating system and launched as an open source by Google. Since the Android released as an open source product it gives opportunity to the developer for further development of this operating system. These developers contribute lot in Android operating system by adding lots of new applications. These applications were mostly written in Java and are also available over internet. It was recorded in 2012 that there was a more than 6 lacks application over internet.    

Android development started with Android Inc organization. But in 2005 it was bought by Google. The first Android released in 2007. The first version of Android operating system is Android 1.0 which had many features like today’s Android. Currently the running version of Android is 4.1.x Jelly Bean. The most updated one is 4.1.2 which was released in October, 2012.

Android operating system is a very high performance operating system. It’s a very small package with great possibilities. It packed with large number applications, features. But the hardware developers restrict the Android operating system to a limit. Means it may prohibit the user from downloading certain applications. Whereas rooting process enables users to gain certain control (root access) in Android’s subsystem. It reveals a new horizon for the Smartphone users. They can access the applications which were normally inaccessible to them. But rooting of Android phones is a little difficult task. But it becomes very easy with the One Click Root software. The ‘one click root android news’ fieldhelps user with the latest news about the Android. This site gives lot of dates about the android to the users. Rooting process gives a lot of benefits to the users, such as –a wide range of new applications, enhanced performance, efficient battery usage, tethering, access inaccessible features and the most important one is the custom ROMs. So in recent time rooting becomes the most important part for an Android driven Smartphone.

For rooting process, One Click Root software is a very useful one. It also a very powerful software which now includes a wide range of mobile phones starting from Motorola, LG, HTC and Samsung devices. Software helps us in rooting process and the site of one click gives us every type of information related to android. For example, one click root android news drop down menu gives information like Android manufacturers, Android Smartphone, Android updates, Android security etc.

So android is the latest operating system for the Smartphone having lot of applications and web accessibility. This begins the new era of mobile phone operating system. Through rooting it crosses the limits of the manufactures and achieves a full freedom of using mobile resources.


We can get various update information about this software from one click root android news field of the One Click Root’s website One Click Root software is very easy to download and also easy to install.


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