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There are many varieties of mop products

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Mop is very popular cleaning equipment, across the world. Mops are used to clean the solid surfaces like the walls, floors and woodwork. They are useful for all kinds of flooring like vinyl, linoleum, laminate and other types of flooring. Mops have made floor cleaning an easy process. There are many varieties of mop products like sponge mops, string mops, flat mops, microfiber mops, dust mops and numerous other types.


Usually mops are of two categories- dry mops and wet mops. Dry mops are used to clean the dirt particles and are made of cotton, fiber and synthetic fiber with loop shaped head. These can be used on any flooring like marbles, tiles and wood, etc. Microfiber mop is a popular mop product. It has a flat pad, which contains microfiber cloth. It removes stubborn dirt from all the surfaces like walls, floors, ceilings and more. It has the best absorbent quality for best cleaning purpose. This microfiber cloth can attract the dust easily. It can be used as a dry mop for dusting and wet mop for cleaning.


Looped dust mops are also the part of dry mops, which are used for dusting and also available in wool, nylon, cotton and other synthetics. These mops have a disposable head, which is attached to a long handle and are suitable for all kinds of floors. You can easily clean the floors with these mops.


Wet mops are used to clean the floor and have many types like sponge mops, string mops, flat mops, swiffer mop and more. Sponge mops contain a sponge head with scrubbing pad. They also come with an attached wringer and removable sponge head.  These mops work well on tiles and other surfaces. You should take proper care to maintain these sponge mops. They are lightweight and are easy to carry. Compared to all mops sponge mops are cheaper and easy to replace.


Swiffer mops have a battery operated system. As you mop the floor; it sprays a solution with the cleaning wand. It is good for inferior cleaning and contains replaceable heads. It can be used for dry and wet mopping.


There are also many kinds of mops, which are made with different materials and have special wringing systems.  These are useful as they clean the entire house in within no time. You can easily clean all the surfaces including the corners. There are many kinds of mop products, which are available in all stores and super markets. So, pick the one that meets all your needs and make your home germs and stains free.


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