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4x4 accessories – something about tyres

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There might be many and different accessories for your car like first aid kits, spare tyres, different fire extinguishers, gas cans or even suspensions or interior refinements but this article will pay a little bit more attention to the 4x4 tyres. This is because theirs is indeed one of the most common seen improvements alongside with alloy wheels. If you want one like that as well make sure you read the following lines because as any other product you have to know well what to buy – of course, only if you don’t want to end up all upset from the made wrong choice, instead of happy and proud.

Tyre selection

No matter what the product is, once it comes to selection it is always a hard and a long way because you have to make a detailed research if you really would want to choose the most suitable one for you. In this case it would be the best if you ask yourself a few questions, and after you answer them all you will be able to make an adequate and reasonable choice about the size and type of your new 4x4 tyres.

First and most important: make sure to figure out your driving style. This would be easy as pie if you know in advance if you will drive mainly on open roads or in the city? Do you attend often Track days? You also have to make sure you know approximately what distance you might drive per year or for what usage the vehicle will be: family or farm? Would you need to tow a trailer or to travel on metal roads? Only after knowing these answers you might be able to get a great advice or even to make the best choice all by yourself.

Different tyre types

After you decided approximately what category you fit best into and what would you want from your vehicle’s potential, you could choose the right type of tyres. And they are a few.

  • All terrain tyres – They are designed for both off road and road use and because of this they are perfect for everyone that uses their cars to cover such tracks and seeks comfort at the same time. They could also cover something around 60,000 miles before you have to make a replacement.
  • Standard tyres – These ones are mainly designed for road use and as such they could provide you a great deal of comfort, performance and grip on road but this as a price for the limited off road ability.
  • High performance – These 4x4 tyres are designed for road use and they could offer you an excellent grip and road holding but not so great perform off the road.

Some tips

While making your choice, have in mind that it would be the best for you if your vehicle has the same type of tyres, which includes the spare one. To be sure, when visiting a course also always check their requirements for vehicles and if you have to travel outside your country, check the driver’s age and license requirements. Also, choose the best alloy wheels for your tyres.

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