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Benefits of Wearing T Shirts

by elynieva

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There is no doubt that t-shirts have their place and cannot be worn in all occasions. They are mostly appropriate in informal settings or during corporate retreats. T Shirts with funny slogans or sometimes with offensive messages and images should be restricted in wear and only worn when in appropriate circles. No matter the restrictions that come with wearing t-shirts it is crucial to mention that they have immense benefits to an individual compared to other clothes.


In social circles, t-shirts are seen as ice breakers. In concerts or in parties they are essential wears and especially if they come with funny or humorous images they reflect a person who is outgoing and fun to be with. If you are shy you mind end up creating attention to yourself or finding that most people want to relate to you for you appear to be easy going and fun. However if the image or the message is offensive, the reaction might be the opposite and you might find yourself getting into trouble with the crowd you are hanging out with.


The t-shirt also creates a fun mood and attitude and this might end up creating a fun environment for others too. For instance, wearing a t-shirt with certain colors or adorning a particular fun message can uplift your mood and leave you feeling relaxed. If it is one containing a vacation spot it will infuse a feeling of relaxation and will no doubt uplift your mood for the day. This is why it is always advisable when shopping for a t-shirt to go for the one that reflects well on you and the one that will contain the image or words that will please you and create a good mood in you.


T-shirt is also a crucial tool of communication. Wearing a t-shirt with certain images and words can help you express yourself even to people you could not have usually talked to. It can assist you make a personality about yourself or also something that you do not like. T Shirts particularly have become important amongst protesters and campaigners for they can be customised to contain images and words that the campaigners wish to put across. Unlike a business suit that is expensive and cannot contain effective images, t-shirts are inexpensive and are very conspicuous top wears and hence any message they adorn will no doubt reach the intended audience and create the necessary change.

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