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Picture Blankets - An Ultimate Personalized Photo Gifts

by Fusionlooks

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Personalized photo gifts make a bold statement that “you are special nothing else will do.” Personalized gifts tell that the recipient you are not just satisfied with the regular, the usual or common gift- you have put some thoughts into the gift giving procedure and taken the trouble to make the gift special and unique.

It also tells the receiver you are one savvy gift person- you are not run off the mill and you are not satisfied with just something you can lift off the store shelf. Now the holiday season is the most stressful time of the year for a lot of people. In addition to dealing with the romantic and familial problems that may arise around Christmas, people also have to remember to purchase gifts for all their loved ones.

Now a personalized gifts stands out in other ways, it is often cherished as it is one of a kind. Some personalized gifs become keepsakes, some become mementos precious moments shared, and some are reminders of love and will most definitely bring smiles to the face of the receiver. With the personalized gifts you never have to worry if you have chosen the right gifts, you never have to worry about finding it in the dumpster the day after- it’s customized and therefore it carries sentimental value. Recently picture blankets are widely popular all over the world. You can make the photo throw according to your choices.

Now customized picture throw blankets make great gift because they will be used. Unlike last minute gifts that end up being forgotten, customized picture throw will not go to waste. One does not have to know how to sew to make personalized picture blankets.

Presently, there are websites that will do all the work for you. All that is necessary is a photograph or image that holds some meaning for the intended recipient of picture blankets. The picture can be of anything. It can be a picture of the giver and the recipient together. If the recipient has just gotten married, a picture of the happy couple at the altar would make for a beautiful picture throw. The same goes for pictures with new babies. Any major life event can be commemorated on a personalized blanket.

An existing blanket can be up cycled and still be a meaningful gift. A plain blanket is a good foundation for colorful embroidery and appliqués. A favorite quote can be sewn onto the blanket in fancy script. A talented artist can paint an original piece of art on the blanket using acrylic paints. An old patchwork quilt can be repaired by sewing new patches over torn or faded ones. Covering worn patches with fabric in contemporary colors makes the whole picture throw look new, especially if the crafter is careful to maintain the original shape of the pattern. He or she might want to combine personalization techniques by painting small pictures on some of the patches. offers picture throw, personalizedpicture throw, pillows, tote bags, wall hangings and jacquard woven works of art. Our manufacturers are the makers of highest quality personalizedpicture blanketsin the world. Our artists are the best in weaving pictures on a blanket. The picture blankets that we produce are an easy way to create a beautiful, 100% cotton jacquard woven heirloom from your favorite photo.

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