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The Nicolites Starter Kits and Their Contents

by elynieva

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As is it is, there is no better e-cigarette in the market than the Nicolites cigarettes. Made with perfection for perfection, these are some of the best smoking alternatives currently. When in consideration of cutting on smoking or quitting all together, then this is one option you should consider. The Nicolites electronic cigarettes offer a healthier way of enjoying a smoking with all the harmful contents in tobacco cut which are harmful to your health all excluded. The Nicolites Starter Kits are what you need to be looking at right now for a better life. Through releasing a nicotine based vapour, you get to have exactly the same amount of nicotine that you need to calm you. Plus, there is no smoke or smell associated with the cigarettes making them a convenient way to smoke ever where and anywhere; even as you take a shower.


The Nicolites Starter Kits come fully loaded with several cigarette components and accessories that work together to make the perfect blend of the electric cigarette option.


Nicolites starter kit contents

The kit comes with an array of things. The rechargeable Nicolites cigarette carry case is one of the most important in the whole kit. This case houses two battery packs that are the power house of the cigarettes mechanism. The case can also hold up to five of the Nicolites cartridges. It also acts as a charging port for the batteries while on the move or when your battery packs are down on power. This stylish case is made in the same size and shape as that of a standard cigarette packet, giving it that realistic look.


Another thing found in the Nicolites Starter Kits is the cartridge. Cartridges hold the liquid which gives forth the nicotine vapour as you inhale. Nicolites cartridges come with an array of several flavours that you can take up. These are like the classic tobacco, vanilla, cherry delight and a host of other options. A single cartridge is the equivalent of seven tobacco cigarette packets.


The kit also comes with two batteries. These two are used to power the units as one smokes. They also hold a small glowing light at the front for the signature glow of the Nicolitess. For convenience issues, they come in two’s for the user to have a backup when one is down on power.


There also is the charging unit in the kit. The charging unit is a USB cable that can be used to connect the rechargeable pack on to your PC and charge it. Plus there also is a wall adaptor that can be plugged in to the wall socket.


The Nicolites Starter Kits cannot be complete without their signature travel case. The case is used to store and secure your cigs while on the road or travelling.

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