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Electronic Cigarette Cartomisers: Making The Right Choice

by dnieva

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When looking for an electronic cigarette that will tickle your nicotine fancy, there are several factors that you have to put in to consideration. First, the kind of e-cig you go for matters a lot; for instance you can choose a disposable e-cig or go for a re-usable kind. Well the disposable type is not too demanding since once done with it, you simply dispose of it. However, for the reusable type the kind of cartomiser you use is of importance. The electronic cigarette cartomisers are what give forth the nicotine fix you look for. Acting as reserviours for the nicotine creating liquid, propylene glycol, the cartomisers are what you need to put in most consideration on.

What to look for in a cartomiser

When looking at a cartomiser for use, the strength it has is one thing that you should look at. Strength in these terms is the nicotine content that is in the cartridge or rather the cartomiser. If you are a new user to smoking e-cigarettes, then you better consider finding the lighter nicotine content cartomiser for use. It will mostly depend on the kind of intake that you can handle or even for the cigarette smoker the strength you look for. Electronic cigarette cartomisers have four major nicotine strengths; these are:

  • High nicotine content cartomisers which range at 16mg
  • Medium nicotine content at around 11mg
  • Low nicotine content at around 6mg
  • Zero nicotine content with 0mg

The next thing you can consider is the type of flavour you wish to be smoking. The great thing about the development of electronic cigarette cartomisers is that they come with an array of tastes to choose from. You can have a chocolate, cheery or even tobacco flavoured e-cig to puff on.

There are several types of cigarette cartomisers in the market.  These are:

The polyfill cartomiser- this is the most common type and has gause, which soaks with the liquid and a heating coil that vaporises it to gas form.

The wick feeding cartomiser- has two wicks that lead to a horisontal heating coil at the top of the unit where it is heated to a vapor.

The gravity feeding bottom coil cartomiser- works by having a wick pocking to the liquid tank carrying the liquid to the coil at the bottom of the unit.

Dual coil cartomisers-these electronic cigarette cartomisers have two coils for heating up the liquid for effective use.

Tank cartomisers- have the largest holding capacity. They can hold up to 7ml of liquid seven times more than any other type. Have a polyfill in acrylic tubing that keeps the coils damp most of the time, making heating easier.

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