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Modeling is beauty and brains combined

by Jamesanderson

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Beautiful models treat millions of hip hop fans to titillating dance moves in music videos. The same fans own magazine racks groaning under the weight of piles of entertainment magazines that are liberally splashed with pictures of the same rap models. The internet is no doubt the next frontier in entertainment and we already have uncountable websites showcasing photos and videos of hot black female models. Rap models are there to entertain hip hop fans and especially men. They are at the heart of hip hop, adding sizzle to the steak. This they seem to do effortlessly – with their lithe curvaceous bodies, impeccable hair, perfect makeup, and dance moves that can injure unfit imitators.

Rap models, as popular as they are, are often victims of one particularly toxic misconception. Many people think that ladies who model are not intellectually smart and so they just rely on their good looks and wiles to survive. Such people go on to despise black female models often referring to them as ‘sluts’ and other unfriendly adjectives. Nonetheless, the best way to shatter this misconception is to talk to black female models who are ready to reveal a few things about their lives. Armed with the dozens of interviews that Black Men Digital has since done with black female models, we can confidently turn this particular misconception on its head.

First of all, as most models interviewed revealed to Black Men Digital, and as hip hop aficionados will confirm, survival, let alone success in this industry, demands intelligence, wit, and hard work. The rapmodels gracing TV screens and magazines are only there following many years of hard work. The notion that beauty is all it takes to make it in modeling doesn't hold much water because there is always at any one time intense competition among hordes of beautiful women; beauty alone will definitely be insufficient in such a scenario.

We can also establish that most black female models are very well educated. Many have college degrees and quite a few have postgraduate degrees. These ladies opt to model because it is a passion they’ve had since they were kids but not because they don’t have other options. Indeed we have dozens of ladies who model as a hobby or side hustle.

Smart rap models are completely aware of what every member of the industry knows very well: modeling is a brief career and one doesn't stay around for very long. Knowing this, they don't waste their time or money partying away. Instead, they invest in businesses or at the very least engage financial managers to invest their money. Tyra Banks is a fine example of prudent planning for a post-modeling career having carefully laid the groundwork for her current talk shows, fashion shows, music productions, and so on. As you enjoy hip hop jams therefore, remember that the models dancing in these videos are easily some of the brightest women you’ve ever seen.

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