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Painless Hair Removal Tips for a Pleasant Bikini Wearing

by justinecricks

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Wearing a bikini in public can be considered a measure of one’s self-confidence. Some do it on a dare or simply for fun, never mind that they don’t have supermodel body proportions. Yet whatever reasons women may have for choosing to wear bikinis, they still face a common enemy: unwanted body hair.

A painless hair removal procedure such as waxing is thus considered a necessity for anyone who wishes to avoid embarrassment while wearing a bikini out in public. After all, most people consider smooth, hairless skin in the bikini area to be more hygienic and aesthetically pleasing. It used to be that a bikini wax was often associated with pain. Luckily, women can now take advantage of certain products that significantly reduce the discomfort of hair removal treatments through the application of topical anesthetics.

For instance, numbing creams with anesthetizing and moisturizing properties can turn any bikini waxing session into a painless experience. Numbing cream should be applied a half hour before waxing. For even better results, experts suggest the following preparatory steps.

First, exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin cells and to allow the waxing solution to stick better to the hair follicles. This will facilitate the painless removal of the hairs from your bikini area. The next step prior to a painless bikini waxing procedure is to trim pubic hair by 1/4-1/2 inch. This allows the numbing cream to have better contact with skin, which subsequently facilitates a quicker hair removal process. The shorter the hair, the easier and less messy it is to remove.

During the appointment, it is also advisable to wear a comfortable, loose-fitting outfit in a color or material that can hide possible stains really well. Clothing should also be easy to take off and put back on. Tight jeans are discouraged since they could prove rather uncomfortable after the procedure.

Finally, it is important to get a doctor’s advice before going for a bikini wax. Certain conditions such as pregnancy, diabetes, Rosacea, chemotherapy, and many others may leave one vulnerable to a variety of complications after a waxing procedure. For more information on the topic, visit

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