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How to get the perfect look

by webpromotion123

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Every woman wants to get a radiant and flawless skin so that she can look perfect and charming. Some are fortunate enough to be blessed with naturally spotless and unblemished skin, but most of us are not. We all want to look fresh and young all day round but end up looking either greasy or dehydrated at the end of the day. The reason behind the problem is firstly our skin type and secondly the way it is treated. It is very important to first know the type and constitution of your skin and then select make up products India accordingly. There are basically two types of skin found in Indian sub continents-

• Dry skin marked by flakes, dehydrated and dryness

• Oily Skin marked by greasy, thick and course look with enlarged pores which usually tends to break into acne. It is very important to prepare your makeup kit India as per your skin type; otherwise it can lead to serious skin troubles in future

Makeup Products India for Dry Skin

For all the women and girls who have dry skin and finds it difficult to apply make up the mantra behind beautiful skin is- drink more and more of water or liquid to keep your skin hydrated. The other two important things to consider are exfoliation and moisturizing. For dry skin it is important to clean and exfoliate your skin with any cream based scrub to get rid of flaky and dead skins and always keep your skin drenched with long lasting and good quality moisturizer. Follow the two basic skin care regime regularly so that your skin can look healthier and feel hydrated. Don’t coat your face with layers of makeup. Instead apply a thin layer of Primer with matching foundation shade and blend with makeup sponge. Try to use cream based make up products India for your eyes, cheeks and lips.

Makeup products India for Oily Skin

It is a very scary task to apply makeup for those who have got oily skin. But by using right makeup products India you can easily get the perfect look. Women with oily skin tone should avoid any liquid or cream based products. Go for oil free foundations and base. This will make your face look grease free and fresh. The other thing which can be of great help is blotting paper or tissue paper. Just tab the blotting paper on your face and wipe out the superfluous oil. Don’t over coat your face with powder since it will create layers on your face which can look unnatural. So be smart and choose makeup products wisely according to your skin tone.

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