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E-Learning & Online Courses

by simranbebi

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Make training, recycling, intensive, specific or for the sheer pleasure of learning has become commonplace, a few decades ago when the school stage not normally just go back to school again. All this has changed in a very short time, evident in the variety of ages of students. There are people who go to college now when before he could not. The educational model, it changes too fast and the usual method of instruction is added the e-learning, that is, the study via the Internet.

The advantages of traditional teaching

The teacher-student relationship is direct so avoiding misunderstandings, doubts are resolved at the time, information flows in all directions, making learning dynamic.

The ability to share this information among other students creates the ability to socialize.

The disadvantages of traditional education

They are mostly inflexible schedules, content and meeting deadlines.

There are transport costs, incompatibility of schedules, we have to stop doing something else to suit the course and problems typically arise in everyday life.

The advantages of e-learning

The possibility of forming online is causing supply and variety of courses will grow even more, one of its biggest advantages is the adaptability to user needs, is given each time.

Geographical and spatial barriers fade so finding the right course, it can be easier.

The disadvantages of e-learning

It is indispensable to have an Internet connection, so depending on the country and level of technological development in this area can be an excluding factor.

Self-discipline, motivation and perseverance, are indispensable for not leaving before the end finish. The distance relationship teacher-student can become an obstacle for some people who need constant approval and support of a teacher.

Availability of online courses

It is said that whatever is sought can be found on the Internet, such as popular this adapted to MBA in IT, gives an approximate figure of nine million results. Among such a sea of possibilities, different methodologies for the same subjects that interest us, different prices and others, the inability to choose may be a fact, but a clue to choose well be know yourself as a student.

Being self-taught greatly expands the possibilities for choosing a course in which the guidance of a teacher is not essential, if needed instead of regular monitoring is advisable to choose an individualized course with continuous monitoring.

One of the top searches is often the language courses. English, French or German are usually the most popular, but a while now the most exotic language learning for us is beginning to arouse much interest among them Chinese, Japanese and Arabic are the most requested.

Free course options

The possibilities regarding prices vary, but it is rare to find online courses languages. Regarding the methodology used is modified and adapted to the speed at which Internet advances and use of all types of resources available to students is wide and varied, from virtual classrooms to use audio, conversation, situations that can give in real life, grammar and pronunciation in different accents, writing, up lessons sent to e-mail personal use i-pod, mobile, social networks or chats.

Online University

It is increasingly common for universities of erten courses to distance and some are constituted for this purpose. It is especially valuable when the tenacity to push through studies that will require much of the person who initiated and be aware of the long-term work that will entail, for not abandoning end to the difficulties that arise.

Adaptability to a new way of learning is important, considering that while the Internet is a relatively widespread and many people use every day, not the same use that for some studies whose methodology determined by the novelty, can be at first somewhat strange to feel that you are isolated from the world.

Other courses online

In those nine million search results in the use of words  online MBA courses, fit as many possibilities as interests and sensitivities may have each, there are portals specialized in the publishing world with the possibility of proofreading courses, literary criticism or writing creative.

You can learn to play guitar, paint, and different aspects of yoga or for those with spiritual or esoteric interests can find tarot or astrology courses.

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