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The Function of Color in Your Metal Roofing in Iowa

by lidaswisher

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Color is a science, for one thing. There is more to the the ordinary "make your home attractive and raise its resale value" considerations, say for metal roofing iowa, the function of color in the roof , transcends it all. First and foremost, the colors do a wonderful job of maintaining a pleasant temperature in your house even in the scorching summer time.

The colorants are one big happy family, arranged into several sections and tiers; in here, the focal point is on a special type of synthetic pigment referred to as the Complex Inorganic Color Pigments (CICPs). Other than being a colorant recognized in the roofing industry for its "cool" value, the CICP is a perfect pick for roofing systems in hot places thanks to their heat stability, UV opacity, and IR reflectivity. They are also stable pigments when exposed to traces of aggressive chemicals.

Two common types of CICP are rutile and spinel CICPs, though there are lots more such as phosphates being used. They are usually created through a process referred to as calcination, which requires the exposure of a substance to heat below the melting point. CICPs are generally exposed to temperatures over 1,600 degrees Fahrenheit.

In recent years, the particles in CICPs have been lowered to be more functional in spreading visible light and UV from the roof. This prevents heat from the sun from passing through the roof and, in the process, heating the house. In the same manner, the particles also take in UV energy and change them into a more benign form.

This scattering and absorption of UV energy depends on the kind of CICP used for different kinds of metal roofing in Iowa. Particular CICPs like iron chromite brown-blacks and nickel manganese ferrite absorb energy near the visible spectrum but not so much at the infrared. Conversely, light colors are more likely to scatter solar and heat energy, mainly in the infrared spectrum. Generally, CICPs are fantastic materials for coloring your cool metal roof.

Not all roofing contractors give or sell metal roofing colored with CICPs, so be sure to check with your roofer first. For even more related information regarding CICPs in metal roofs, visit the website of the Metal Roofing Alliance at You can also read the write-up concerning CICPs in general at

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