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San Bruno Implant Dentist Explains Examination Phase

by laurindawoolcock

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It comes as no surprise that all dental procedures begin with a complete and thorough patient examination. For patients interested in dental implants, an exam is necessary to ascertain whether or not a patient has the specific indicators we look for in a qualified dental implants candidate.

Visual Exam

The most important indicator affecting long-term success of a dental implant is the state of the actual bone in which the implant will be placed. A complete examination by our dentists at Restorative Dentistry, CA will determine if the area has adequate strength and density to support an implant.

Dental X-Rays

After visually examining and measuring the jawbone, your implant dentist will take dental x-rays. Your dentist may choose to take panoramic x-ray (single x-ray of the jawbones and all teeth) or several individual x-rays, or perhaps even a combination of the two.

Evaluation of Bone

The dentist must determine that there is both sufficient bone mass and bone quality to support a dental implant. Arriving at this conclusion requires evaluation of the shape of the bone, both in width and height, and the bone’s density.

There is a chance that the intended area of a planned dental implant cannot sufficiently meet the shape and density requirements necessary for a successful dental implant. This is more likely to happen if any bone loss has occurred in the areas of the jaw bone where a tooth or multiple teeth have been extracted previously.

Other Considerations

As the exam proceeds, your implant dentist will look for any other potential problems in the area. The location of sinuses, blood vessels, nerves and the roots of adjacent teeth must all be carefully considered before proceeding. The gum tissue in the area must also be healthy and free from diseases like periodontitis.

If you have questions or would like more detailed information regarding dental implants, please call our team at San Bruno Dental Implant Medicine.

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