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Vacation Ahoy! – Getting the Most Out of Cruise Vacations

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What is your idea of a vacation trip? Would it be a road trip across the states, or a flight abroad? Or would you consider taking it out to the open seas—with all the brine, cramped cabins and seasickness?

Thankfully, modern advances in seafaring have improved ship construction so that the little unpleasant issues have more or less been addressed. Enter the cruise ship: an ocean behemoth hotel-boat hybrid capable of housing over two thousand people on a journey across the world.

Cruises aren’t about the destination, but the journey itself. With such a mindset, cruise ships are equipped with the amenities and accoutrements any vacationer would look for. Lodging? Cruise ships have some of the most luxurious rooms for guests to relax in. For a little more money, one can even avail of their prestigious suites. Hungry? They’ve got restaurants that offer international cuisine, often round the clock. Need to unwind? Most cruise ships have spas and recreational facilities such as game rooms and arcades. In the mood to swim? Luxury cruises boast of swimming pools for guests to take a dip in—that’s right, multiple pools.

The prospect of cruising is exciting—it’s practically living in a floating hotel., Like a luxury hotel stay, cruising doesn’t come cheap. But companies such as Carnival Corporation have solved this problem by offering multiple ships at varying prices, so there’s a ship for every budget. For instance, their most affordable Carnival cruises range from $250-$750 for a room that features either a view of the ocean or a balcony.

For those with a little more to spend, Carnival’s Princess Cruises has rates of $500-$2000. But for that much more, vacationers get so much more in turn: more dining options, casinos, boutiques, onstage concerts, and even art auctions. It’s not cheap, but you certainly get what you pay for.

Not to discount the select Holland America Line; with rates of $600-$2800, the cruise guarantees only the best vacation amenities. It may hurt to splurge on a cruise holiday like that, but why not experience the vacation of a lifetime? It isn’t too late to get on board the cruise craze. For more on Carnival’s cruises, check their website:

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