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Factors That May Cause a Sewer Block in Your Residence

by missdiane

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We all know that our home is our investment. Of course, being a resident also means taking care of the areas surrounding your property like your sewer and drainage system. This is vital because a blockage may cause more problems than you expect. If so, you will be needing the best sewer clog services to do the job. But of course, in any case, prevention is better than cure.

Causes of a Sewer Clog

How does a sewer block occur? There are many contributing factors that may lead to this.

- Tree roots can damage various sewer lines. These may push the piping system out of place. Roots may also get into even the tiniest pipe splits. Once this happens, the larger the root, the bigger the crack. Thus, rainwater gets in. Aside from this, the roots may cause a sewer backup or even an overflow. If this takes place, you may need in-depth digging to remove these.

- A broken pipe may also be a factor. Aside from absorbing rain water, untreated waste may also penetrate the soils eventually, causing unhealthy conditions. The damaged pipes may need replacement or repair.

- Disposing common household items like cooking oil and grease down the drain may lead to blockages. As the grease cools, it binds to the sewer pipe walls. After this, various objects which flows down the drain may eventually get stuck to the grease, thus causing a sewer clog.

- Too much toilet paper flushed may get stuck and accumulated around the sewer line floor below your toilet. An obstruction may occur especially if the pipe and toilet have been around for many years.

- Foreign objects may also bring about sewer congestion. Once these get trapped in a pipe bend, sewer waste gets tangled into these things.

The Need for Professional Sewer Clog Services

A blocked sewer may be a huge dilemma once this is not determined at an early stage. Aside from a growing number of expenses, this takes time to resolve. Digging into the pipe lines would definitely be your last resort since this process may be a little bit messy. You wouldn't want to replace your whole system.

Professional plumbing contractors have high end equipment to flush sewer lines without the need to change the entire structure. These experts may opt to use a hydro jet and a powered rod to provide efficient sewer clog NJ service.

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