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Quick Truths on the Longshore and Harbor Workers Act

by allankenan

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Any situation that might expose or bring in danger—this is how Oxford dictionary defines the word Risk. If a certain job involve use of heavy equipment and unbelievable sea depth, the worker will certainly get acquainted with risks. Despite the hazards jobs like these can bring, individuals do what they have to do. It is not the excitement that keeps them coming on board ships. All the perils are surpassed by their need to fulfill their fundamental need of food, water, clothing and shelter.
The government is well-aware of the various dangers having a job on the sea and its shores demands. Being liable for safeguarding the welfare of its people, the government sought options. The solution arrived to them in the implementation of Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act in 1927. Listed below are a few important facts on the said law.


Every worker in the maritime arena who experiences job-related injuries or diseases is covered by this act. It has to be noted though that this specific statute exempts seamen for their benefits have been duly gone over and covered by the Jones Act. This act is ensured to work together with the Jones Act in presenting security to all workers at sea.


The Longshore Act recognizes that injuries or illnesses impair workers from working for their living. With that, this law requires two-thirds of the injured worker's weekly salary as compensation benefit while they are undergoing medical treatment. It also qualifies the worker to some award for the injury he endured or compensation for the earning he could have gotten if not for the injury.

Exactly how

Job-related injuries or health problems should be reported to the company within 30 days of its happening. After that, a Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation claim should be filed with the Department of Labor within 1 year from the date of the incident. Should companies acknowledge the claim, voluntary payment must be made within 14 days. This act also presents the injured employee the right to sue entities or persons accountable for his unfortunate state.

The government, via the Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act, greatly helps the sea workers. They ought to have it for being ever so courageous and industrious in overseeing the nation's tasks at sea. For even more information, browse through dol. gov.

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