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Using inappropriate version of Jet database engine

by larendaniel

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Microsoft Jet Database Engine is the database engine upon which the Access databases are designed on. It contains the various algorithms to store, manage, and access database. However, at times due to various upgrades the database gets corrupt and you are unable to carry out certain tasks. Such situations can make the database very vulnerable as well. You should try out appropriate methods to repair MDB file. If you are unable to do so, then I would recommend you to use a third-party MDB file repair software to repair Access database.

Let us take a scenario wherein you are working on an MS Access 2000 database. In this database, you have made few changes in a database object. When you try to save the changes, it does not happen so. An error message is displayed in this regard, which is:

“The search key was not found in any record.”

The object may get to save the Database window. However, when you try to open the window the following error message is displayed:

“The Microsoft Jet database engine cannot find the object <object name>. Make sure the object exists and that you spell its name and path name correctly.”

Such abnormal behavior of Access database can be exhibited because of the following reasons:
•You have created the database using the Microsoft Jet 4.0 Service Pack 4 or earlier version using a workgroup file. However, you are currently using the workgroup file with Microsoft Jet 4.0 Service Pack 5.
•After having installed Windows 2000 SP2 or applying Jet 4.0 SP5 in your system, you have tried to secure the database using the User Level Security Wizard. In this wizard, you have selected the option to create a new workgroup file.

To resolve this problem, you should try to download and install the latest version of Jet 4.0 service pack. Try to reproduce the steps that invoked the error last time. If the problem is still persisting, then the MDB file is damaged. In such cases, you should try to use a third-party MDB file repair software to recover Access database. With the use of highly sophisticated scanning algorithms in a highly interactive user interface, such MDB repair tools ensure that the recovery of MDB files is safe and easy.

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