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The Threats of Wanton Vitamin Supplement Usage

by jessiehenn

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In Greek mythology, the lunar patron Artemis was believed to have accused her twin brother Apollo of double standards. The issue was about the sun god switching lovers like mortals changing garments despite his enforcement of moderation among his followers. To this, Apollo was said to have responded, "I preach moderation in all things, including moderation."

No doubt there's a moral right here to be found out about letting go and making the most out of life. But as the adage goes, too much of anything (even something good) can be adverse. Take vitamins for instance: everyone understands they strengthen your body with several benefits, but a frequently overlooked fact is that they can cause wellness issues if absorbed in extreme quantities.

Case in point is Vitamin A. Ancient Egyptians took this certain vitamin to improve their vision, fortify the immune system, and enhance their teeth and bones. Taking too much of it, however, can lead to skin discoloration (a dull brown-orange color if too much carrot juice was taken), baldness, and the forming of lesions at the sides of the mouth.

An additional instance is Vitamin D, which can be seen in eggs, fish, and even sunlight. Vitamin labels on many commercial supplements will undoubtedly tell you Vitamin D assists the body to absorb phosphorus and calcium, strengthens the brain, and even offer defense from light levels of radiation. Taking a lot of Vitamin D supplements, however, may result in constipation, sensations of weakness, and kidney problems.

A third example is Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid on some pharmaceutical labels. You're undoubtedly conscious that citrus fruits are a popular source of this vitamin, helping impede the likes of scurvy and reduce the effects of the common cold. However, as stated by British research workers, excessive consumption of Vitamin C supplements can result in the development of free radicals and subsequent body organ damage.

Would you like to read more on the results of vitamin overdose along with vitamin deficiencies? Feel free to have a look at Remember: when it pertains to your health, look for the vitamin label to know what you're getting into and take your supplements in moderation. Don't let any sort of Greek sun god tell you something different.

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