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Avoid the Heat-- Cooler Australian Home Style

by pearliemaland

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Australia can be a harsh place. Aside from dangerous animals native to the continent, Australia's one-of-a-kind geography means it has anything from icy, snow-capped mountains to burning, barren puddings all year round; a spot that can catch many off-guard. Furthermore, because of its area near the equator, Australia is continuously being grilled like a steak sandwich under relentless sunlight. The continent is notoriously arid; the arid desert regions jointly named the Outback sprawl from the center of the tropical isle and remain to be the biggest locations of the continent.

With such harsh climate, Australians needed to adjust to the elements to survive. Even the Natives, whose culture came before colonial Australia, understood a thing or two about living with the heat. They lived semi-nomadic way of lives to optimize using resources available in the location, specifically water. To keep their cool, natives would either dig for underground wells or drink from toad bladders.

While Australia now delights in the conveniences of contemporary living, the high temperature issue continues. Even more worrisome is the fact that a huge hole in the ozone layer is located just on top of the place, one of the cited reasons for the increase of Australia's skin cancer cases. To work around this, modern-day Australians have redesigned their residences to let in the cool breeze and to keep the oppressive air out.

One of the most popular home additions Sydney residents can have is the terraced home. Modeled after Victorian-era housing, terraced houses not only provided much ventilation particularly from the front of the property, but also needed little upkeep, since a lot of had practically non-existent yards. Terraced homes are some of the most sought-after properties in the nation for the ease of residing in one.

When buying a new residence is beyond one's budget, there are home extensions Sydney residents choose as a means to upgrade their living space. Conveniently-placed windows can improve air circulation for a home, and are an inexpensive method to resolve temp complications. Including foliage and acquiring property beside the shore are also preferred options.

There's no changing the fact that the sunlight will always shine and scorch the Australian plains. But, the many different, impressive house extensions Sydney homeowners create certainly help people deal with these risks. More on how people down under handle less-than-pleasant climate can be seen at

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