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Importance of extracurricular activities in schools

by anonymous

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Normally schools follow the basic format of classroom education that prepares students for the academic tests. Their policy of ‘teaching to the test’ may not be effective in reaching the goal of all round child development. Schools tend to overlook the importance of extra and co-curricular activities in the development years of a child. But, contemporary schools have taken this seriously and have made efforts of incorporating it in their curriculum.

As per educational experts and pedagogical researchers, co-curricular activities influence thinking and retention of knowledge. This means that they play an important role in helping students cope with classroom activities as well. Most of the contemporary schools ensure that there is a good amount of time allotted to activities related to extracurricular activities like sports, arts and unstructured play.

Every contemporary school offers students a curriculum that is a perfect balance of rigorous academic activities and extracurricular activities, as this is vital for critical thinking. Different kinds of physical exercises form an important part of the curriculum. Contemporary schools follow a complete physical training program where yoga and other activities are included in the time table. Also, these schools train students in athletics as it is a very good option develop a child mentally and physically. Such activities spark sportsman spirit and team bonding skills in students. This is excellent for personality development too.

Apart from physical activities, inclusion of art in the extracurricular activities is equally important. This helps students to express themselves better and is an important aspect of personality development. Apart from imparting knowledge schools also need to nurture self-expression and creativity in every student. Hence, contemporary schools lay equal emphasis on music, visual arts and technology to map a child’s interest and aptitude, plus sharpen their talent.

To encourage students to do well in these co-curricular activities, schools organize competitions and sports day. Also, participation in inter-school competitions works as a major incentive to get students to do well. These competitions embed in students a sense of goal achievement and competition spirit which is very useful in every stage of life.

The importance of excelling in non-academic career is well understood by the job industry as well. Today candidates are also screened for the kind of extracurricular activities they’ve participated in. This shows how goal oriented and solutions oriented the person is.

It is important that parents enroll their children in schools where the institution focuses on development of the social and emotional qualities in students. Hence, you should consider a contemporary school that implements a curriculum which is a perfect balance of academics and extra-curricular activities. They focus at developing the overall personality of the child. Enrolling your child in one such school will be a good decision to ensure his/ her bright future.

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