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Removalists Melbourne give some tips on what not to pack dur

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A move is on call, so you must be wondering if you should pack all the items and it kind of scares you. You could be wrong. There are so many items that you may want to take along with you, but there are also so many items you don’t have to/want to move. Here are some useful points as to what should not be moved.


Clearing you need to do before the move

Take a dig at your closets and there is no better time than moving to clean them really. There are some stuff you may want to consider giving away rather than moving them along with you. Here they come:


  • Clothes that have worn out and that don’t fit you, or garments that you wont need at the new place/climate such as heavy thermal wear.
  • Broken items and damaged items you kept for years without having them fixed.
  • Furniture that doesn’t suit or fit at the new place.
  • Any other items that wont be of any use at the new place and that don’t have any kind of value including your sentiment.
  • Books that you feel will not read again.
  • There are many other petty items that would just be gathering dust more than they will be used – all such items.


All of these you don’t want to move can be sold as a garage sale, else given away at church as charity.


There are some items you can’t even give away but have to toss them off. These include:

  • Inflammatory items.
  • Hazardous acids and chemicals that you should get rid of instead of moving (moving companies also are prohibited to carry inflammable and hazardous chemicals) such as paints, poisons, gasoline, oil etc. In fact it may be surprise to you but your removalists are prohibited to move even liquid fabric bleach.
  • Other items you don’t want to carry is the perishables which have short shelf life such as milk, vegetables, fruits, canned foods and other food items. Give them away as goodwill to food bank in the neighborhood or your friends.


If you have an idea of what not to take along with you then you can save a lot of your time and moving budget by giving them away or discarding. Remember excess baggage is always a burden and doesn’t have any worth including your sentiment.


Removalists Melbourne at are trained to handle and address all meticulous details that are part of moving so as to ensure no damage occurs to your goods. We know that offices and enterprises look at minimizing downtime to stay productive even during moving, so you may want to try pre-pack, storage and unpack services of Melbourne removalists which ensures your office is packed, items stored and unpacked and set up soon at the new place, to enable not much time is lost during transport and moving. If you are moving interstate Melbourne or within the Melbourne, you should take the help of removalists Melbourne for smooth move.

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