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Simple Pool Maintenance Tips to Keep your Pools Spotless

by cathynewman

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Having a pool built in your own backyard means that you have a lot of fun times ahead of you. However, you may soon realize that having a pool is not all fun and games. Owning a pool also comes with a set of responsibilities which, when fulfilled, can give your family a lot of underwater fun.

Pool water, if left unclean and unattended, can become a breeding ground for bacteria and other harmful organisms. Unmaintained pools become unhygienic and unsafe to use, posing possible health risks. In this light, it is important that any responsible homeowner maintains his pool.

Keeping the water clean is the most important part of pool maintenance. There are many ways to keep your water clean; the most common is the application of chlorine. It basically keeps your pool clean by breaking down and removing any buildup of bacteria and algae. Chlorinate your pool regularly and monitor the chlorine levels so that you know it is safe for swimming.

Pools are a common sight in affluent cities like Highland Park and Hinsdale; they add aesthetic value to any home. However, it is all for naught if the pool is dirty and full of floating debris. Floating debris eventually sink, making them harder to fish out, so make sure to skim your pool regularly. Using a skimmer basket and a pool filter usually does the job. This is the easiest and most common technique in pool maintenance Hinsdale residents do.

There are many other chemicals that can be added to your pool water to ensure that it is contaminant-free. Some of the most common pool additives are algaecides which kill algae and prevent growth. Take extra caution in using pool additives on your water though; it may damage your tiles or pool equipment. Consult an expert in pool maintenance Highland Park has to be sure.

Watch Out for the Weather

A major factor in your pool’s maintenance is the weather. Strong winds and storms can leave your pool dirty. Therefore, maintenance should be done immediately after these. Covering your pool usually solves this problem as it keeps the water under wraps when not in use. By conducting regular pool maintenance Hinsdale contractors recommend, you ensure your family gets all the fun out of your pool. For more information, log on to

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