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Subtle Signs of Extreme Roofing Failure that’s About to Happ

by clintoncomes

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The price of poor structural quality and construction will surely take its toll with the right catalyst. Last year, the Boston area was menaced by falling roofs in the middle of the winter season with casualties not so much as a few injuries. Any good roof may not bear heavy weight, but at least any good roof won’t give in to usual forces like snow.

The heart of the roofing structure is the truss, a frame made out of either wood or steel holding the roofing material in place. A good truss is as important as a good roofing material for the Boston climate. If you don’t identify the potential dangers in your truss, by the time you find out, it may be too late. Here are some signs that you need to look out for in the truss that may point to imminent structural failure.

Creaking Sounds

Perhaps the only thing that normally creaks in the house is the door; the roof isn’t supposed to creak. If it does, it could mean that the truss is in trouble of giving way or collapsing. Normally, roofs are designed to be robust and withstand high winds and other harsh elements; creaking usually means it’s over the limit.

Slight Deflections

Initial signs of imminent truss failure usually include beams moving slightly downward, which can be identified by Boston roofers. There are various factors aside from sheer weight that cause the truss beams to deflect, notably rusty joints for metal trusses. These issues must be corrected as soon as possible or risk an even greater deflections the longer they persist.

Sagging Roof

It shouldn’t be a surprise to you that your roof is in danger of failing if you see it sagging from the outside. Aside from poor truss construction and structural quality, old age can take its toll on any kind of roofing Massachusetts homes possess. If you want to confirm it, have a roofer check it out. Upon a closer look, he can determine whether or not the roof is really sagging which may require a major replacement.

Go to for information on structural failure in any roofing system. Meanwhile, if you think your roof is suffering from the aforementioned signs, find a contractor to check your roofing Rhode Island residents would likewise do.


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