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Making Sure That Pre-Owned Yacht Meets Stringent EU Laws

by markbrown

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Occasionally, owning a yacht can be tedious especially when you do not have a hired crew to work on its upkeep and maintenance. Thus, there may come a time when you would want to sell it, probably to a European, whose country has more lavish coastlines and appropriate bodies of water where your watercraft can sail freely.

Alternatively, perhaps you are a European citizen who fancies a recreational lifestyle beyond land. And what better way to jumpstart this life-changing decision than to buy a recreational water vessel. However, you find out that many of your colleagues are perfectly content with what they have and don’t want to sell you their boats.

At the same time, getting a brand-new vessel may seem impractical since you only want to experience living the high life aboard a boat that feels like it has received TLC (Tender Loving Care) for years. The wish to buy a pre-owned yacht is similar to looting another’s ship in the ancient years of maritime piracy, without all drama and fighting among the crew.

Whatever your situation—whether you’re selling your boat to a European or importing one from the US—you have to comply with industry regulations. If North American facilities manufactured the vessel you want, then it has to meet the requirements of European Union’s legislative acts, particularly the recreational craft directive.

How is this done? The best way is to retrofit your vessel to allow its export from the US to Europe. Thus, you need to read up on laws on recreational craft directive and to have your vessel inspected to check if it meets the necessary requirements.

A company that offers CE marking service, boat import and shipping service for all types and sizes of vessels, among others can help you with this. Experts will make sure that your boat meets recreational craft directive requirements and is issued the legal certifications. Additionally, they offer similar services such as inspection of craft for compliance with European standards. See for details on requirements the EU imposes on recreational craft.

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