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Web 3.0 Technologies Review and Features

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Given the consequence of the two companies in the broad technology ecosystem, it is currently time to investigate the germane reports to the potential development of stroke clear of the business trends.


According to Wall Street analysts, Zynga, the second-quarter results was heinous. The New York Times reported this:


"Zynga, executives recognize the critical game project" Ville "extension," Mafia Wars II "but also not good enough, once all the rage," you draw I guess the "only thing of the past, it is difficult to become a classic In addition, a number of other popular stable of the game is also unattractive. "


Zynga's problems cannot plainly be official to the poor concert of a area. Venture organization BTIG LLC analyst Richard Greenfield Richard Greenfield said:


"Zynga, there are deep-seated problems, Zynga, everything is wrong. In the rapid development of Internet, the big trend is mobile. To investors believe that the the Zynga difficulties is temporary, is too far-fetched. "


The same boat with Zynga Facebook 's situation is no better. Not long ago, Facebook announced second-quarter salary, is also the first earnings report since the company was listed. Zynga close relationship with Facebook, Zynga, and the poor performance also indicates that Facebook's were not much better. Facts have proved that really the case, Facebook second-quarter earnings disappointed Wall Street.






Largely speaking, the mobile is leading the press forward of expertise. Web 1.0 is mainly disturbed with the network connection, AOL, Yahoo, Google stand out from. The theme of Web 2.0, social networking of Facebook, LinkedIn, Zynga, Twitter and Quora is one of the paramount. at present, we are stirring in the Web 3.0 era, is mobile technology. The appearance of Web 3.0 based on the basis of the preceding two times, but also has its own characteristics.





Positioning alertness


Antenna Technology


Customized to the minute screen


First-rate audio and camera


While the discussing both of versions. That can be click of or tick of two epochs.


Web 2.0 eras the opening of social thing in the Facebook ongoing advertising bottom on user interest and the proposal of friends. To some size can be said that the porch and development of the Google model. Presently, Facebook is to optimize their exhibit advertising, its core marketing business will persist to breed.


Mobile Web 3.0 era, evaluate with the marketable support of innovation and higher necessities. The new technology has the capability to supply more real-time in turn. This information comprises location, weather, traffic, local business and visits a store frequency. This also provides new industry opening. The move allows businesses and users more expedient in terms of the contract. In other words, it is easier to donate to real-world business contact.




Their send value and form business opportunity through Mobile Web 3.0 not effortless.

Commercialization of mobile advertising is that the armed forces supply by the request can be transformed into actual business transactions.


It also made the system specialized and modernized the system value about:


Online publishing:





Video sharing




Social networkings:















Premium content


Class rooms


Ad sales


That all is super easy in web3.0

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