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Kinds of Brassieres According to Form and Function

by tedjuhl

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Various bra styles, a few of which are meant for certain purposes, are now available nowadays for women to choose from. There are bras that are best used with formal clothing, and there are those great for daily wear. In many examples, women choose particular brassiere types because of convenience.

The full cup bra is probably the quickest and most comfortable to wear because it provides the greatest coverage and just the right support. A full cup bra may or may not be wired or padded. Full cup bras with soft cups offer minimal support and are usually worn under loose clothing at home or to informal gatherings with good friends.

Some females favor demi-cup bras, which are occasionally called shelf bras or half bras because of their form. A lot of demi-cup bras are designed as plunging bras, so the exposed cleavage goes all the way to the level of the horizontal strap. Nearly half of the breasts are exposed, which leads to a more pronounced cleavage, even for those with small breasts. Like full cup brassieres, demi-cup bras may or may not be padded or wired.

Nursing bras are unique bras with detachable panels, which enable nursing moms to feed their infants without entirely taking off their bras. Nursing bras also provide sufficient support for lactating breasts which may feel heavy and inflamed because of the volume of milk in them. Nursing bras also include absorbing padding as a shield against possible leaks—something that is very useful.

Any of these bras may be produced as lace bras that have lace linings on the cups. Lace bras are considered as fashion bras and generally match bridal wear. A number of lace bras are demi-cup or shelf cup bras with full cup lace layers over them.

A lace bra can also be made as a push-up bra, which has a hard padding in the cup that slightly raises the breasts to boost the cleavage. Meanwhile, a push up bra can also form a curve bra, which boosts breast shape by creating a more aesthetically pleasing silhouette. Push-up bras are best worn underneath sexy dresses on date nights, although a lot of girls use them as part of their routine wardrobe.

A push-up bra can be regarded as an underwire bra, which has a hard wire that traces the inframammary fold. This is the curving line below the breast that distinguishes the breast from the rest of the trunk. The underwire serves as a base or guide for the rest of the cup, and offers correct support for each breast. For more info, check out With the most suitable kind of bra, females can experience convenience and comfort at their best.

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