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Can Corolla Claim Back The Top Spot

by ReeceHenry

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Can Corolla Claim Back The Top Spot

After achieving most impressive sale figures and beating legendary icons, like VW Beetle and Polo, it seems like Corolla’s winning streak is at its natural end. Like Land Cruiser, Corolla is one of the oldest brands in Toyota’s line. Originally launched in 1966, Corolla quickly gained status of people’s car because of its reliable yet economic drive and maintenance. The winning formula was simple; give limited accessories, keep reliability high and prices low. Toyota successfully replicated this formula not only in its native, Japanese market, but also in US, Europe and many Asian markets like Philippines, India, Pakistan, Indonesia etc. with production facilities in all of its major markets.

Undoubtedly the force behind success of Corolla is more than design-deep, as its successful market positioning, pricing, after sales service and above all, Toyota’s emphasis on reliability, pushed it towards sale figure of 39 million. Though 11 generations of Corolla have been launched, Corolla badge and platform is used on more than a dozens models like Cares, Levin, Trueno and Sprinter etc. One can argue that this massive brand extension provided it an unfair edge but then, Ford F-Series also rose to become ‘second most sold vehicle’ through similar strategy.

A Formidable Task:
Putting impressive history aside, can Toyota sell another 39 million in coming 46 years? Answering this question can be a lot tricky but keeping current trend in sight, Corolla seems all set to go down. Not only Toyota itself has diversified its offerings to an extent that Corolla’s sales are getting hit by other Toyota models, the competition has intensified and new players have entered with more hunger and will to establish their mark in automotive industry.

Rise Of Korean And American Competitors:
For instance, Korean automakers like Kia, Hyundai and Daewoo were once plagued with reliability and poor engineering but they too have improved by leaps and bounds. Kia and Hyundai especially even improved their styling to capture style-centric European market; both possess the most distinctive and consistently good looking array of vehicles in their current rostrum. Toyota on the other hand have almost mediocre modern looks and Corolla is no exception. Korean invasion is not the only threat, long beaten American rivals are also resurging, Ford Fiesta and Focus are now considered the best, after Honda Fit and Civic, compact sedans; Hyundai Elantra is not far behind in 2012 rankings.

Old Nemesis, Honda:
Finally there is Toyota’s old nemesis, Honda. With clever positioning of Honda Fit, City and Civic, Honda offers more than one stylish substitutes to People’s car. Additionally Honda often launched sports version of Civic and Fit, an area which Toyota has ignored for quite some time. Corolla was once sporty, back in 86, now it has grown dull and dry. Others have attained Corolla’s strength, reliability and economy, while maintaining their own distinct ideology, whereas Toyota Corolla failed to revive its image and lack the element of fun.

Toyota’s Flawed Strategy:
Ironically, Corolla’s rating has dropped to such an extent that most reviewing sites and auto magazines are ranking it below Yaris and Prius. That’s where Corolla needs to improve the most, with multiple body trims available for smaller Yaris, people don’t see any reason to go for a basic level Corolla when they can get a premium estate or sedan version of Yaris and get to pay low taxes because of its smaller engine and better emission.

Most gurus are of the view that 2012 Corolla has nothing new to offer, and if you happen to be in Europe or US, then there are more than 20 alternatives, lying in similar price range. Considering these factors, the safest bet can be anyone except Corolla.

About The Author:
(Name here) is a self proclaimed expert in used and reconditioned Corolla engines, especially ZZ family, 1ZZFE being his favorite. He likes bragging about his marketing skills and mechanical experience by writing blogs about almost any hip and current event in automotive sector. He welcomes any queries regarding Corolla and Celica engines, wont mind casual chit chat either, so do drop a comment.

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