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Lesser-Known Outsourcing Facts

by soniaroody

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Business process outsourcing certainly has its fans and detractors in the industry. Incidentally, many of its critics are US-based; thus, it is not surprising why they are so vocal against it. What are some of the overlooked benefits of outsourcing?

Some companies offer on-site outsourcing, which merely states that the hired workers must do their operations in a client’s specified workplace. Businesses can take advantage of this as the skills of the outsourced staff are within any business’ client’s reach. They take this opportunity by allowing the expert outsourced staff to interact with the client’s employees. Before they know it, their own workers have acquired the skill sets of their outsourced counterparts before they could say ‘social engineering.’

Business decisions are always bundled with risk. Whether it involves shelling out money as capital for a proposed investment or approving a loan for a candidate with a low credit score, managing risk comes hand in hand with running a business. Hiring a third-party outsourcing company allows you to keep your mind off these burdens as they manage the risk for you.

This produces a sense of continuity in the workplace. As parts of the workload is taken off your shoulders (since the call centers are handling it), your business, in turn, receives continuous output from them. There is no need to concern yourself with worker turnover rates or extended employee leaves that may disrupt the smooth flow of work on your end, since the outsourcing company can skillfully manage the business hurdles that may come their way.

One must remember that there are two types of location-based call centers. There is offshore outsourcing, where companies take advantage of skilled labor outside of the client’s country. Over the years, the public has assumed that the term outsourcing refers to offshore services, which is misleading. The second type, on-site outsourcing, involves hiring an external party to offer business services to a client in his desired work area, which is usually the same office (as described in a scenario earlier). Critics often overlook this other type of location-based BPO.

Call centers allow a company to focus on its core business, while leaving the dirty work to the providers themselves. This arrangement allows speedy growth in the company. This is not limited to the processes involved in your business, by the way. A company can outsource any aspect of a business that is not directly beneficial for the business to handle themselves, such as public relations management, marketing and advertising, and establishing an online presence. Go to to get more details on the benefits of outsourcing.

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