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Distinguishing the Signs and Symptoms of TMJ Dysfunction

by jamiesilverio

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Found directly in front of the ear on both sides of the head is the temporomandibular joint, or simply TMJ. The lower and upper jaws connect at this spot. This joint has the appearance of a sliding ball and socket having a disc sandwiched in between. Within the TMJ are moving components that enable the jaws to open and close.

If the TMJ is working properly, it allows a person to talk, yawn, and chew easily. However, there are times when he confronts difficulties with his TMJ. When this happens, he may have a case of temporomandibular dysfunction (TMD). You might be afflicted with it if you’ve experienced a popping or locking of the jaw, pain coursing through the jaw, neck, or face, or stiff jaw muscles.

TMD remedy

Certain TMDs can go away with minimal or no treatment. A few treatments for TMJ you can do yourself inside the convenience of your Idaho home consist of applying ice packs or eating soft foods. Sometimes, you will need the help of a dentist who will place specialized tools in your mouth to put the jaw back in place. On the other hand, some unusual cases might even require a surgical procedure.

TMD types

The American Academy of Orofacial Pain (AAOP) breaks TMD into two types: joint-related TMD and muscle-related TMD. It's essential to note that these two types usually coexist in one patient, which makes TMD diagnosis and treatment more complicated. Experts claim that four out of five TMD cases they detect are muscle-related.

Although regrettable, Post Falls dentists say that TMD cases are quite common. In many cases, it is mistaken for earache because of the joint’s closeness to the ear. Critical TMD cases will restrict jaw movement and performance, and can be exacerbated by teeth grinding. Hence, early detection and treatment are essential to minimize the discomfort.

People in Idaho put high value on dental care and health. As evidence, the Delta Dental of Idaho and Idaho Oral Health Alliance (IOHA) launched the “Healthy Idaho Community Water Fluoridation Project." Additionally, in 2007, IOHA organized a summit to create an intensive oral health plan for Idaho’s locals. As a resident of the state or of Spokane or Post Falls, you may learn from its illustration. Put more value on your dental health and see your trusted Post Falls dentist frequently.

Complex TMD cases require Spokane dentists to work with other experts in the medical field, which include maxillofacial surgeons, otolaryngologists, and physical therapists. Though treatment can take more time, it'll ease you of the discomfort and make you feel greater. Discover more about TMD from

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