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The Growing Pivotal Role of Accreditation Solutions

by anonymous

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Government requirements have grown stricter in terms of accepting graduates of nursing and law. In other words, students who are from a non-accredited school may have a difficult time finding employment after their graduation. In this day and age, it seems like accreditation is no longer an option but a need.


Duncan Law School in Knoxville, TN is among the many institutions seeking to be accredited by its respective accrediting body; in this case it is the American Bar Association (ABA). In December 2011, the law school sued the ABA for “antitrust violations” and “deprivation of due process” because it failed to be accredited. However, in a status report filed at the Eastern District Court, the ABA stood by its decision. There is no news yet about legal proceedings as of this writing.


You can liken getting accredited to being initiated into a special and elite group; it takes hard work, but it’s all worth it in the end. Without the accreditation, graduates from the two-year-old Duncan Law School may take the bar exam in Tennessee but not in other states. Clearly, it’s not just the reputation of the school at stake but the future of its graduates as well.


Generally, it takes about one to two years for an institution to be accredited. This includes the time to assess and monitor the institution in question. Even with the latest software designed for the task, the process still requires careful and critical thinking.


In the meantime, the Duncan Law School has been given until 2017 to get things straight. The fight for ABA accreditation is far from over, as the academic institution is well aware of what is at stake. On the other hand, the school might have better luck with the accreditation system if it makes use of accreditation solutions.


It’s no walk in the park to get the stamp of approval, but it’s even more difficult if an institution doesn’t get one at all. The task of accreditation solutions is to ensure that the subject is worthy of such a stamp after meeting the set standards. With the government implementing more stringent requirements, accreditation plays a more pivotal role than ever before.


To know more about the case between the Duncan Law School and the ABA, visit The Wall Street Journal’s website at You can also check out articles on accreditation solutions at The New York Times webpage at

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