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Think Botox Is Merely for Aesthetics? Think Again

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Even though plenty of people still are not convinced by the benefits that Botox could provide, the people of Utah seem to be completely convinced. In the Beehive State, an astonishing 11.6 million non-invasive procedures were carried out in 2010 alone, with Botox topping the list. Even more intriguing, the state shows among the highest plastic surgeon-to-population percentage: 6 per 100,000 people.

The reason behind the popularity of Botox possibly lies in its chemical substance. Produced from the toxin of an intestinal pathogen (Clostridium botulinum), Botox functions by relaxing the muscles directly under the skin, making lines and wrinkles stretch out and become smooth. Take into account the fact that it may take effect in as little as a week after application, and it’s not shocking why lots of Utah locals opt to avoid a surgical knife.

However, it’s somewhat remarkable to observe that recent experiments demonstrate numerous other benefits in using Botox--beyond its accepted capabilities in aesthetic improvement. For example, Botox appears to work properly in managing hyperhydrosis, a condition where someone perspires too much. By suppressing the release of acetylcholine, Botox is able to scale back the problem for a number of months.

Additionally, by studying Botox Salt Lake City surgeons administer, medical scientists determined that it can be used to manage migraine. While its actual actions against migraine still remains unidentified, experts are convinced that it might inhibit sensory nerves from sending pain signals to the nervous system. At this point, the only adverse reactions seen in Botox use against migraine are the temporary drooping of the skin at the injection site (which could conveniently be sidestepped by rotating the injection spots).

In relation to other conclusions regarding Botox Utah residents rely on, scientists establish its distinct capacity to reduce an enlarged prostate gland. To attain this, doctors inject the chemical straight into the prostate gland, triggering it to shrink. The result is improved urination and reduced bladder infections.

However, Botox is just one of the medical procedures known to handle aesthetic problems. If you’re open to think about other alternatives, you may consult your surgeon for the most beneficial cosmetic surgery Salt Lake City residents trust. You need not be concerned as well in seeking an excellent surgeon; Utah’s high surgeon-to-population ratio will see to that. If you want to learn more regarding Botox, log on to

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