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Kimchi: Most famous Korean dish

by rickpetko91791

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Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish prepared from fermented vegetables with different flavors. Kimchi has its variations as it is generally made from cabbages, cucumbers, radishes and green onions. It is widely used as a side dish, or as a main dish. Korea and Kimchi are inextricable. During having the food-lunch, breakfast and dinner, Koreans just can't stay away from eating Kimchi. It will be right to state that Kimchi is the authentic Korean main food.


After people started farming and generating grains as important part of their diets, kimchi was produced. The vegetables, that can’t be conserved, were preserved in salt or mixed with bean paste, soya sauce or spices and new aromas and flavors were produced and storage became possible. This is none other than kimchi.


Kimchi has obtained several variations, while the fundamental dish preparation ingredients are the Chinese cabbage or Baechoo, red pepper, radish, spring onion, garlic, sugar, salt and anchovy broth for the most part of world. Due to its wonderful and delicious taste, kimchi has got worldwide popularity also. Kimchi exists in the menu in different parts of the world. In some places, it is pronounced as Kimchee or it has two monosyllabic terms- Kim and Chi, but pronounced as Kim Chi in some other places. With varying phonetic traditions, it differs from one place to another place. But, its basic ingredients do not change, nor does its taste.


In summer, spring and fall, kimchi is prepared with the vegetables available in each season, such as young cabbage, young radish, cucumber and leek. While cabbage and radish are the major ingredients of kimchi, various other spices and greens such as chili, garlic, scallions, ginger and salted fish are included. Whole cabbage Kim Chee is the most widespread and universal kimchi today.


So, if you also want to taste this delicious and mouth watering dish, you can go to any of the restaurants who offer delicious kimchi dishes. And if you have no idea about such restaurants, then you must go for online mode, where you will find a large number of restaurants those offer Gimchi dishes. And after knowing about their services, you can easily choose the best one where you can go to taste wonderful kimchi dishes.  

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