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Breast implants surgery and related insurance aspects

by anonymous

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There are many medical insurance companies that provide health insurance and cover our hospitalization or surgical charges. We usually see the premium we need to fill every year or half yearly or quarterly and the cover we are receiving from the company. Unless we get into a situation wherein we come to know that our illness or procedure is not covered we don’t come to know about it. For example cosmetic surgeries as plastic surgery, breast recorrection, maxillo facial recorrection are not included by many companies.
Let’s see whether breasts surgeries cover insurance or not?

Insurance does not give cover on:

If the procedure done for breast lift (mastopaxy) or augmented through Breast Implants at LA or anywhere else the companies don’t cover it as it is a cosmetic procedure intentionally opted.

Insurance give cover on following conditions:

• If the breasts lift is a part of breast reduction procedure. Breast reduction already involves a breast lift. This also depends on the insurance plan and the amount of breasts reduced.
• The Federal law established in 1998 states that reconstruction associated with a mastectomy requires health insurance plans to cover. • After breast cancer surgery the procedure for reconstruction involves breast lift too so on specific conditions laid by insurance company you can get a cover.
• Congenital deformity and Tuberous breast deformity which requires to make the breast symmetric and here the breast lift is covered by insurance companies.

The first breast reconstruction operation in most cases is covered by insurance companies but insurance coverage has many gray shades in it. It has to be kept in mind that such plans may include special co-pays or deductibles specifically applied to these types of procedures.

So before going for a procedure as Plastic Surgery in Pasadena , California or LA, thinking that your insurance would cover it, do clarify with your agent and doctor too.

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