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Temper wishes via sms

by anonymous

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Many times in our life, moments come when we feel need to someone special remember this, wish us and even surprising manner. It all time brings our friend, relatives and others near to us. It is really particular for individual and groups of folk. And in the sense moment becomes so particular for us. We sometime save it in our phone, webcame or other saving machine. So when we see it, we amuse by this and get relax. It is in other sense, react like magic to escape all sorrows and griefs.even who ever, are far from us, feel near around by our side. Many occasions involve in all this.

Like birthday or wedding ceremonies too. Send special wishes through cards and happy birthday sms. Some civilizations and societies have many customs in which citizens are confident to make a wish, such as wafting out the candles on a birthday cake, seeing a shooting star at night, tossing a invent into a wishing well or spout or breaking the wishbone of a cooked turkey. Many think such wishes can only come true if they are set aside a covert from other people. Others, on the other hand, suppose that wishes come true only if they are told to someone else. Others vision wish execution as a bad trust fantasy. A very ordinary and too usual trouble that wrapped with mess is the granter of the wish being either tremendously truthful or through malice yielding the demand in a manner designed to cause most pain such as a demand for wealth with strongly prosperity organism settled through bequest insurance on the death of a loved one.

Convinced novelist has also tried an always on come near: the careless use of the word wish in everyday talk having, often horrible, penalty. So moods and all temper can be many for wish, like romantic sms for dreamy wish or mood. So very simply some part of age, some part of day or some part of seasons and year also wish many times. We want to make someone safe from other dangerous positions like darkness, too hot season, too cold times and many others. We wish for safe and secure journey from coming to outgoing. This all depend our close and sound relationships for other party. Night is often connected with peril and sin, because of the psychosomatic correlation and link of night's grand dusk to the horror and shock of the unknown and darkness's barrier of a chief sensory system the sense of sight. Being is and has been daylight creatures for at least several million of years and nighttime is obviously connected and yes of course closely linked with the weakness and danger for human physical survival. Wrong, animals, and other probable dangers can be buried by darkness. Midnight has a fastidious magnitude in human imagination and culture. So we wish better calm and better sleep for others beings in the way good night sms too.

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