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Why Out of Home Advertising still works even in the digital

by smrtmedia

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The “touch generation” - that is what they call today’s generation. Everything consists of touch screens and it’s all about being able to bring brands closer to the consumer thus making it more personal. Technology has enabled greater flexibility for marketing messaging and has also increased the number of media formats and types of consumer interactions. Because of this, out of home Marketing And Advertising is in the midst of major transformation. Marketers and advertisers are now considering whether they are using out of home advertising effectively as part of their marketing mix in their campaigns. They are identifying the best marketing strategies while considering the impact that the incremental spend in each medium has on their revenue and profit. This process will require evaluating whether the available marketing vehicles are fit for the products being offered and whether the consumer segments are being. A successful marketing mix is able to deliver the right message in the right place at the right time with the appropriate vehicles and result in maximizing the sales lift from the brand or the business’s total marketing spend.


Although the most popular platform for out of home advertising is static billboards, marketers and advertisers have other platforms available that will also be as effective if not more. There are digital billboards for outdoor digital advertising such as Bus Stop Advertising, train advertising, airport advertising, taxi advertising, mall advertising, bus advertising and street furniture. Out of home advertising allows marketers and advertisers to inform consumers of local sales or store events, provide brand and product messaging opportunities, and drive awareness and consideration across a wide variety of categories. Out of home advertising can also be used for public service campaigns thanks to new digital media that can quickly disseminate emergency information.


Out of home advertising also provides marketers and advertisers a number of distinctive benefits that will support its effectiveness in the marketing mix. Out of home advertising can target consumers geographically meaning they can reach people driving in their cars, walking on the street or while they are on their way to a store.  This ability to reach consumers where other advertising mediums can’t makes it exceptionally effective in creating an impact for businesses in retail, service and tourism industries.


Another advantage of out of home advertising is that advertisements are typically placed in an environment where there is less competition for the consumer’s attention. Consumers will be exposed to less crowded and intrusive messaging than while they are working on the computer or sitting at home in front of the TV. Out of home advertising such as Advertising Billboard can also generate repetitive advertising of the brand, product or service. Consumers on their daily commute frequently catch sight of an outdoor advertisement on their way.


These traits of out of home advertising allow it to complement and enhance the effectiveness of other types of media by reinforcing the creative campaign messaging and provide a wider reach.  Being able to adopt new technologies and adapt to the significant changes in the consumer’s environment is also one of the reasons why out of home advertising is still working in today’s modern generation despite being the oldest form of advertising out there.




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