CopyPastehas never been so tasty!

CopyPaste has never been so tasty!

by anonymous

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    • SuzyQ
    • Passingby
      I recognize everything except Panda, Troy, and Bob.
    • harrypatelzilla
      Whoa, new batch of, hmm, friendly faces 
    • clairedeelune
      these are fantastic! papa john looks just like him, but i dont get the panda and pan-pan. 
    • simla
      watch this animation 
    • anon
      the "trojan" is in n out burger. get it? har har har
    • lala
    • JAson
      Wheres The HAmburgular 
    • kelly
      No - Baby Face Bob IS Quiznos - remember a few years ago they had the commercials with the talking baby, Bob?  They were downright creepy. 
    • Shura
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